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Hosted by IAN JAMES

On stage 11:30

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From 9:30pm

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On stage 9.30pm





We are looking for part-time house keeper.

To apply, speak to the manager on duty.





£50 Bar tab (including food)

3 course meal for 2 with a bottle of wine

Central Station

in association with

Mortimer Market Centre and

GMI Partnership


    We offer:


• Sexual health advice

• HIV testing

• Testing for sexually transmitted infections

• Hepatitis B vaccinations



In March 2014 you will find us on the first floor at Central Station on:


And every 3rd Tuesday of the month


The service is free, friendly and confidential!

Walk in, no appointment needed!



12pm - 1am


12pm - 2am


12pm - 3am





N1 9SD

020 7278 3294

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